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In 1982, Marina Ramirez, a high school student was heading down Gage Avenue and Pacific Blvd with her parents when she saw what appeared to be a Travel Agency.    She was mesmorized by the beautiful Travel Window Display featuring an array of Travel images with Cruiser Liners, Airplanes, Destination Posters as backdrops!    At her young age of 17 years,  she became very interested in learning all she could about the Travel Industry, so trips to the local library were very frequent.  Once she learned everything about the Travel Industry,  she became fascinated  with the Idea of becoming a Travel Consultant.  

Over the next couple of months, literally saving nickles and dimes, she got enough money for her  bus ride and her  first "door-knocking" experience soliciting a job at that  particular Travel Agency,  where she was literally thrown out, when she asked to speak to the owner!    Over the course of 7  or 9 months, she would take the bus down Gage Avenue to check frequently on any Job openings at Bowman Travel Service in Huntington Park, CA.   By the fifth time, she had already developed some kind of rapport with the Agency Owner and most likely out of pettiness, she was then offered the job! 

When our founder, Marina  entered the  "Travel Industry"  arena, the Travel Industry was a money making business!  There were also so many  Travel Perks such as FREE Airline Tickets coach or first class, FREE Hotel Accommodations were being provided by Major Airlines and Hotel Resorts.  The distribution channel for the Airlines were solely Travel Agents.  The Travel Agencies worked solely on Standard Commissions, but there were BIG "bonus override commissions",  which was the icing on the cake, sort of speak.   As you may know, back then "Travel was a Luxury!"  Airlines such as Pan Am Airways, TWA, Continental Airlines, Western Airlines, Mexicana de Aviacion, PSA and of course the current carriers provided AMAZING services.   Imagine bigger SEATS with ample space to move around on every flight whether commuter or coast to coast flights, the passengers were provided  with refreshments, snacks or sandwiches and the little airline souvenirs!  On  coast to coast  flights, you'd be provided a "warm meal" depending on the travel time, it would be breakfast, lunch or dinner, finishing with a delicious dessert and coffee aboard a 747 flight!  And after a delicious meal, enjoying a Siesta with one of Pan Am Airways' cozy and soft Blankies was a delight.  The services provided by Flight Attendants was also Impeccable.  You felt spoiled and pampered when flying.  There was never a  Cost for anything, as your ticket cost included your luggage, movies, meals, etc. 

While a lot of things have changed within the Travel Industry,  our  Founder has remained committed to her Travel Agency business.  In this modern age of Travel technology, most neighborhood travel agencies have closed their doors because they just can't keep up with the competitiveness  of the  GIANT "on-line" travel agencies",  that include but are not limited to Expedia, Travelocity.com, Priceline.com, Booking.com, Trivago.com, etc., which have literally  blown these "small mom & pop"  travel agencies AWAY forever!   But, E.M.A. Travel Group has been able to stay in business and competes head-to-head with the BIG guys!   We feel  in part  due the high level of service and personalized attention to detail we provide to our very loyal travelers.  From arranging every little detail of a Family Reunion Group trip, to providing our travelers with Value-Added-Features that are extended to them by our Hotel & Airline Travel partners whenever possible,  is what distinguishes  E.M.A. Travel Group from the Rest!     As your local neighborhood Travel Agency in Long Beach,  be assure you that our experienced Travel Agents will gladly help you with your Group or Individual Travel Vacations, Honeymoon Getaways, Family Reunion GROUP trips,  Destination & Theme Weddings,  Anniversary Celebrations  & Special Occasions and much more!   We specialize in  DOMESTIC USA cities, Hawaii, Europe, Caribbean,  Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.   Call us and let our travel agent consultants help you create your "Unique Travel Memories!"

Our Team

We love arranging beautiful journey for you



Travel Agent

Especializes in GROUP Travel & Individual Reservations. Also  Manages  all aspects of our hotel and special airfare inventory. 

Maria Delgado

Travel Agent

Extensive Experience with International Travel to Exotic Destinations such as India, Bangkok, Africa, Dubai, Greece 

Merelyn Castillo

Travel Agent

Vacations and Tours to Hawaii, Mexico & Caribbean